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JOB: Rental Property in Disrepair -- BID NEEDED *ASAP* (Cleaning, Sheetrock, Painting, Etc.)

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JOB: Rental Property in Disrepair -- BID NEEDED ASAP (Cleaning, Sheetrock, Painting, Etc.)
Hi Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners,
A client needs a bid on a rental property ASAP.  The home is in Scottdale, Georgia  30079.  See details below (request verbatim as it came from client):
"We are in need of a "one stop shop" solution.  Meaning we are looking for someone to clean up and make repairs.  This is a rental property, which the tenant vacated without letting us know, and left the house in ruins (holes in floors, walls, grease fire in kitchen, filthy, etc).  This is a pretty typical story, but not for us.  We don't have the time to handle this. The home is small, has family room, kitchen, deck (which needs some repairs), two bathrooms and 4 small bedrooms, and a hallway.  We are looking at major cleaning, sheet rocking, sub-flooring work, maybe some plumbing (not sure at this point), painting.  And we need this completed ASAP."
NOTE:  Here's some quick information about Scottdale, Georgia via Wikipedia:,_Georgia. Visit to map from your area.
Want to Bid?  If interested in bidding on the job, simply email me at before 4:00 PM Saturday, January 8, 2011, and I will give you contact info of the potential client. Simply type "SCOTTDALE BID" in your subject line and I will email you the client's name and phone number.
We have no more info on the job other than what's stated above, so please save any questions for the potential client.  If you get the job, this will be between you and the client. We are simply passing the info on as part of our informal outsourcing. 
Good luck to you in the bidding process! 
Cassandra Black is a Foreclosure Cleanup Business Consultant, the Author of How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, and several foreclosure cleanup industry Guides, Reports and Forms available via Stone Cottage Books and Amazon. She is also CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC and a Real Estate Investor and Landlord. Follow Cassandra and Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC on Twitter.
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