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Foreclosure Cleanup Help Wanted this Weekend
Hi Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners,
Foreclosure Cleanup Help Wanted this Weekend
We received a request for an immediate bid (Atlanta area). They want an estimate by 5:00 PM Friday, September 3rd. See bid request below as it came from client:
From: REDACTED Client Email

Subject: REO Clean Up Bid: ADDRESS REDACTED, Decatur GA 30034

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010

I need an estimate by 5pm tomorrow for the following:

1. Debris pick up in yard

2. Yard Cut / Maintenance

I will also need lockout services scheduled at a specific date to meet with the DeKalb Sheriff's office.  Please provide a re-key quote and I will provide the time we need your crew there.

Warm Regards,
If you are interested in servicing this client with estimate, please contact us directly via email (info @ and we will provide you with direct contact info. Must hear from you by really 1:00 PM on Friday (need to be licensed and insured).
Sorry about late request, but it's nature of biz:
Good luck to you in your foreclosure cleanup business!

Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC
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