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Feedback Form for Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Hi Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners & Industry Colleagues, 
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nullFeedback Form for Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business 

Give Clients What They Want and They'll Use Your Business Over and Over Again

Feedback from your clients is key in structuring your foreclosure cleanup business. Why? Because client feedback guides you in ultimately structuring your business to fit what your clients want and expect when it comes to services and customer service.

Structure Your Business for Growth

Customers love it when you illicit their opinions and implement suggestions. The insight you will receive from their feedback will be invaluable in structuring your business for growth.

Get More Business by Using a Foreclosure Cleanup Feedback Form

Create a Feedback Form for your company's in-house use and plan to send it to clients you've serviced. Sending them the form as an email attachment or via regular direct mail (include a stamp so they can mail it back to you) will afford you the legitimate opportunity to get your foreclosure cleanup company name in front of them again and get more business.

Utilize the Foreclosure Cleanup Feedback Form to Win "Mind Share" in the Industry

Winning "mind share" in the industry goes hand in hand with staying in front of your customers. Use the Foreclosure Cleanup Feedback Form to help win mind share and to illicit key feedback from your customers as you position your business for growth.
Do you have a feedback form in use in your business so you can get key information from your clients? If not, create your own (see Golden Nuggets below) or download the form here for your foreclosure cleanup company's formal in-house use.


Many wishes of great success to you as we prepare to head into what will be a busy season in the foreclosure cleanup industry.

Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC
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Cassandra Black is the Author of Property Preservation & Real Estate Contracting & Subcontracting  Directory, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business: FREE Articles & Advice Blog, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Business, How to Register Your Business with HUD & Other Government Contracting Agencies: One-Stop Resource to Locate Government Contracts, Pricing Guide for Foreclosure Cleaning & Real-Estate Service Businesses, How to Market Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business, the Foreclosure Cleanup Business Combo Estimate & Contract Form, Foreclosure Cleanup Feedback Form (and other cleanup business forms) and the Housing Authority Master Contacts List with Bonus Search Tool. Cassandra is also the CEO of Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC, Real Estate Cleanup, Atlanta, GA, and an Investor & Landlord (TheCassandraGroup RE ).

Failed Banks Listed by Month
Visit this link to see which banks closed in which month. (Remember, the acquiring institutions of failed banks can be fertile ground for foreclosure cleanup businesses.)
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Items you can include on your Feedback Form:
1. Timeliness of Company (i.e., showing up for estimates, arrival time for job, etc.)
2. Overall Quality of Work Performed by Company
3. Overall Professionalism of Company
4. Overall Pricing of Job
5. Overall Customer Service
6. Completing Job within Specified Deadline
7. Follow-up and Follow-thru of Company
8. Is there anything we could have done better?       
9. Is there anything we could have done differently?   
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Tip: To locate your County Clerk's Office, GOOGLE phrases like "Your County Name" and County Clerk; or "Your City Name" and "County Clerk".

Business Rules for Your State:  To find out rules, regulations, business registration and filing requirements in your state for doing business, visit this government link and find your state:

D-U-N-S Number Tip: Don't "pay" for a D-U-N-S Number! Some companies charge $149 and up when they box it with other services. Getting your number is free, free, free if you are signing up as a vendor on government contract registration websites.
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Create a Feedback Form for your in-house use over next few days.  
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Create a Feedback Form for your company's in-house use. Send it to at least three clients you've serviced -- it's a reason to touch them again with your company's info.

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