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How to Answer the "Experience" Question on a Foreclosure Cleanup Application (as well as a very personal message to premium subscribers this issue)

Fellow Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners,
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Learn how to answer the "experience" question on a property preservation application when you have none as a new foreclosure cleanup business owner. Take at peek at how to stimulate that creative area of your brain to secure subcontracts.

How to Answer the Experience Question on a Foreclosure Cleanup Application

Many smaller foreclosure cleanup companies seek to work in a subcontracting capacity with the larger preservation companies. Once new companies are registered with these larger enterprises, who often get bulk work directly from HUD and its M&M Contractors (Management and Marketing Contractors), their businesses can grow very quickly.

Larger companies often send out work orders for several properties at one time if a subcontractor has been approved as a vendor for their company. As this lucrative cleaning and trashout industry increasingly becomes more competitive, property preservation companies are choosing to weed out vendors vying for subcontracts by using more detailed applications; and, in many cases, industry quizzes.

At minimum, a property preservation application will ask for basic information, such as a foreclosure cleanup company's location, contact information, areas of specialty, zip codes serviced, insurance maintained, licensing information, tax ID number, experience and references.

The area of the application that keeps many foreclosure cleanup business start-ups from applying for necessary subcontracting work is "Experience." Many new companies don't feel they have any relevant experience at all to list. But a little creative thinking will show them otherwise.

A new foreclosure cleanup company may not have any pointed cleanup experience, but they should opt to list something, rather than leaving the experience area on the application blank. For example, they can think about their personal experience as it relates to real estate, i.e., their own homes and personal moves over the years. These personal real estate experiences often have included removing debris; cleaning a property after a move out; handling yard work, including mowing, hedge and tree trimming; performing interior inspections before a move-in; completing apartment move-in inspection forms; etc.

If a foreclosure cleanup business owner has this personal experience as the only option to list on property preservation vendor applications, they should simply label it as "personal real estate experience." Listing anything is much better than leaving an area blank; and, it is valid experience. Not ideal, comparatively, perhaps, but it is valid real estate experience. And, most importantly, it's being honest. (Never lie about your experience.)

Remember, as a new foreclosure cleanup company, vying for subcontracting work from larger property preservation companies is a necessary, fundamental step in growing your business . Don't let the Experience question keep you from applying for subcontracts; simply dawn your creative thinking cap. Remember, everyone has some kind of real estate experience that can keep them out of the slush pile.

Many wishes of success with your foreclosure cleanup business!

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Personal circumstances bring about unexpected changes that take us in different directions in this life -- one that comes with no guarantees.  In my case, it is divorce. I am in great part Foreclosure Cleanup and will remain so; but I have chosen to take my enterprise in a different direction. It will be to the same end:  providing a needed service in a critically-injured real estate market, all the while doing my part to get an industry I love dearly back on its feet. 
I am excited to announce Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC and Real Estate Cleanup will in large part act as an outsource company for foreclosure cleanup businesses across the U.S. (details to come).  I will continue to provide consultant services to fellow business owners via newsletters, articles, e-products, and the Foreclosure Cleanup blog.  
Geographically, I will always be tied to Atlanta (re: I am a Landlord and Investor and have my primary residence and investment homes in the area). But I expect to spend a great deal of my time on the sea, somewhere, with the ocean right in the distance, running my business in this new fashion. God has blessed me with the courage to stop and smell the roses; but I don't know how to stop being an entrepreneur (maybe at 90!).
As an added benefit to my fellow business owners, you can email me your questions, concerns, ideas and queries about the industry, and I will lend a hand via return email.  It may sometimes take me a bit to get back to you -- because there are so many of you J -- but get back to you I will. Thank you for your patience during this restructuring process.  I, personally, look forward to sharing what I know and continuing to guide you as you grow your foreclosure cleanup business!
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