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Helpful Tips to Grow Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business!

Need work for your foreclosure cleanup business?

Need work for your foreclosure cleanup business? Start targeting larger contractors who may be looking to outsource smaller jobs to companies like yours. We have provided links to few larger contractors who are currently actively seeking subcontractors (like your company!) in various parts of the country. Click out to their websites and start applying today.

Do you have the minimum required documentation to prove you are setup formally to handle subcontracting assignments?

At the very minimum, larger contractors will want you to prove 1) you are properly licensed; 2) you are properly insured; and, 3) you have a company Tax ID number.
Are you ready? Get your company's ducks in a row so you can start competing for subcontracts.
Good luck in becoming a subcontractor for larger property preservation companies! (See Foreclosure Cleanup Help Wanted below.)
Foreclosure Cleanup Help Wanted
Company:  Cyprexx Services, LLC
Prospective Vendor Application 
Cyprexx Services, LLC is looking for reliable vendors throughout the country for Preservation, Maintenance, Repair and Inspection services. We offer un-paralleled support and work flow to our vendors.  We require that all vendors with whom we do business have General Liability insurance with a minimum limit of $500,000 as well as a Workers Compensation insurance policy. We do not accept exemptions.  If you offer dependable, thorough service and would like a significant flow of promptly paid work we invite you to join our winning team!  If you meet our qualifications, we are currently contracting for the following trade operations on residential properties: 
Clean / Maintenance / Securing 
Debris Removal
Lawn Service
Interior Clean
Rekey / Securing
Repairs / Inspections 
Minor Repairs
Complete Rehabs
Occupancy Checks
Property Inspections 
Company:  Trinity Field Services


Become a Field Representative

Want to learn more about how to become an inspector for Trinity Field Services´┐Ż? Please complete the online form to apply.

Field Representative Application Form
 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

For further information, please contact us at
Company:  Asset Management Specialists, Inc. (AMS)
Contractors: Georgia


If you are interested in providing field/preservation and protection services for residential properties located throughout the state of Georgia, please contact our Property Management subcontractor, Asset Management Specialists, Inc. (AMS) at 800-781-1558.

 AMS website:

Contractors Application form  click here


Telephone No.

Email Address

Kathy Tuccillo

800-781-1558, ext. 21

Pat Goodman

800-781-1558, ext. 31

Matt Vorgity

800-781-1558, ext. 25

Subcontracting Forms
Vendor Application Form
IRS Form W-9
Insurance Requirements
Prohibited Activities

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