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How to Keep Cash Flowing Into Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Inadequate Cash Flow Can Cripple a Foreclosure Cleanup Business -- If You Don't Know Where to Turn

One of the biggest hurdles for new businesses is maintaining adequate cash flow to keep the business alive while you're waiting on the checks to start rolling in. You've already completed the work, now you're waiting 30, 60, 90 days to just get paid.

There are solutions out there to help you handle cash flow problems. One such solution is factoring, working with factors.

What is Factoring? Factoring is when a business sells its invoices at a discount. For example, your foreclosure cleanup business just finished a job for ABC Bank and you have submitted them with the $5,000 invoice. Their accounting process for payment takes 30-60 days for your foreclosure cleanup business to get paid. But you need your money, now!, so you can pay your workers, reimburse yourself for all the money you've spent replacing broken windows, etc.

A "factoring company" (factor) will step in and say they will pay your foreclosure cleanup business the $5,000, minus the 15% fee ($750) they charge, and the factoring company will wait the 30-60 days to get paid from the bank. The factor allows your foreclosure cleanup business to have your money for the invoice (which you will have sold to them for the 15%) within 24-48 hours.

The factoring company's fee may seem high, but that's how they make their money. They are not basing their decision to factor your foreclosure cleanup business on your credit or your business' credit. Instead, they are basing it on the credit of the bank that owes your foreclosure cleanup business the $5,000.

Read this portion over again so you get it. You may have "lost" 15%, but you will have "gained" that all important cash flow. And, the name of the game in the foreclosure cleanup business is cash flow if you are to stay open so you can ultimately grow. If you have liquid cash and you can float your foreclosure cleaning business using your own stash as cash flow, super! But, if not, factoring is not a bad option. It can be expensive, but it may be necessary to stay open and to ultimately grow.

WARNING: Some factoring companies may demand that your foreclosure cleaning business factor all of its invoices with them (not just the big invoices, but the little $175 jobs, too). Consider not going with those particular companies in your foreclosure cleaning business. You want to be able to factor the invoices you want and need to factor, not all of them just because you have a relationship with that factoring company.

Also, some factors may try to lock your foreclosure cleaning business into a contract for a certain period of time. Consider not locking yourself in. Your relationship should be based on an invoice-by- invoice basis, no matter the norm in the industry. Everything's negotiable, and it's your money, so ask for the moon initially.

Pros of Working with a Factor

The main benefit of working with a factor is quite simply that your foreclosure cleaning business gets its your money fast. You will have adequate cash flow to pay your workers, compete for other jobs, and keep growing your business!

Cons of Working with a Factor

The primary negative in using a factoring company is it can be expensive. The fees are generally very high.

Bottomline? Look at your foreclosure cleanup business, your scenario, your cash flow situation, and decide what works for you. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to factoring.

Good luck, and continued success with your foreclosure cleanup business!

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