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Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners: Align Yourself with Those Who Have Already Succeeded in Business

Most Successful People Will Tell You They Did Not Make it Alone

Most successful people will tell you they did not make it alone; instead they had solid guidance along the way, often in the form of successful entrepreneurs who had already "made it," succeeded, in business.

Formal or Informal Alliance

As you decide to put the pedal to the medal and grow your foreclosure cleanup business (and it is a choice to propel from point A to point B), you will want to align yourself with a successful entrepreneur, or a group of business owners, who are on their way up or who are already there. This can be a formal mentoring type relationship through organizations like the Small Business Administration, or simply a colleague who is already where you are trying to go.

As you associate with these individuals, most times they will not give you all the answers, but they will relay their business experiences in effort to guide and enlighten you. You will begin to make strategic choices and ultimately position your business for successful growth.

"Lone Leader" Traits

The lone leader (as many entrepreneurs are), in you may buck and scream at the very idea of someone coming on board telling you how to run your business. I know; I did the same thing -- I bucked, screamed, resisted.

Back in the 90s, I owned a staffing agency in New York City on Seventh Avenue. My sister had finally come on board with me as a partner at the agency. We had signed on with the Women's Venture Fund ("WVF") through her savvy. We eventually secured expansion funding through their organization. But part of the WVF's criteria for the loan was to sign up with a business mentor through their organization.

The WVF assisted in pairing our small company with someone who had been in a like business. I remember the mentor assigned us was in his 60s and had retired a wealthy man by selling his data processing staffing agency several years prior. I remember the very first time I met "Mr. E". He was on his way to catch a flight to somewhere in Italy for a bike trip excursion with his wife.

Well, long story short, I kicked like a 2-year old. I absolutely did not want someone coming into what I still saw as my office giving me their two cents about my business.

Entrepreneurial Success Breeds Success!

I couldn't have been more wrong. Mr. E guided our business to well above six figures in no time at all. He was patient, insightful, and he "got it." It wasn't like talking to a valued friend who simply nodded and listened as we spilled your guts about trying to make payroll, figuring out business taxes, or the client who was going on 120 days late paying our largest invoice. As our business "angel," he actually got what we were talking about and was able to guide us based on his own mistakes and successes in business. His guidance was invaluable.

Plan to align your small business with someone who is already there, and begin preparing your foreclosure cleaning business for success.

Many wishes of success as you learn from someone who's already there and grow your foreclosure cleanup business beyond your wildest dreams.

NOTE: Throughout the internet and in real estate industry literature, you may see the names mortgage field services, property preservation business, foreclosure cleanup, foreclosure cleaning, foreclosure clean-outs, foreclosure clean, clean foreclosures, cleaning foreclosures, REO trashout, REO trashouts, field asset services, property field services, field service, and field services used interchangeable. The main thing to remember is foreclosure cleaning and foreclosure cleanup generally refer to smaller entities; while property preservation generally refers to larger companies.

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